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Freebies for Women offers a variety of fun and unique printable notepads for your enjoyment.
  If you are like most people, you are constantly making notes, lists or just doodling on paper near you. We have created several notepads for you to print out and use. Some are for grocery shopping & errands, and others just for doodling. There are two designs/pads per page.

Just print out as many copies as you want for making a pad (10 - 15 is a good number to work with), cut down the middle and staple or tape the tops of each design together. Print these designs in color or use
colored paper and print them in black ink. You could also copy the graphic to your hard drive and print out in word.

Click on the design below to see a full image, and then click on the link by the design that you want to print: (each pad is formatted either with lines for writing, open space, or categories - these are only the designs at the top of the pad that are being shown below) Be sure to click on the link at the bottom to see additional of graphics and notepads available.

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